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Discover our exclusive interview with Alessandro, known as “ireneale05” on Instagram and a professional at Fintek, the first Italian to participate in Ridgid‘s influencer event in Ohio. Explore Ridgid’s history and Alessandro’s unique experiences.

Introduction to Alessandro (ireneale05) and His Career at Fintek:

Before diving into our interview with Alessandro, known on Instagram as “ireneale05”, it’s important to highlight his professional commitment at Fintek, a leading company in maintaining electrical, hydraulic, and fire safety systems. With years of experience, Alessandro has contributed to the success of Fintek, which specializes in services for the logistics sector and shopping centers. His experience at Fintek has provided him with a unique perspective, reflected in his content and approach to the world of influencer marketing.

Introduction to Ridgid:

Ridgid, with its history rooted in 1923 in Ohio, USA, is synonymous with innovation and quality in the professional tools sector. Known for its high-quality products, Ridgid is committed to exceeding the expectations of demanding professionals with advanced solutions ranging from manual tools to inspection equipment.

Interview with Alessandro “ireneale05”:

Daniele: Welcome Alessandro! It’s a great honor to have you here as the first Italian at Ridgid’s influencer event. How do you feel?

Alessandro: Thank you, Daniele, it’s a true honor! Being the first Italian at this event is an incredible experience.

Daniele: What was your favorite part of the Ridgid event?

Alessandro: The opportunity to try out new equipment and interact with other influencers was fantastic. I appreciated seeing Ridgid’s continuous innovation in the industry.

Daniele: Which moments of the event struck you the most?

Alessandro: The panel with industry leaders and being recognized as the first Italian attendee were significant moments.

Daniele: Do you have a message you would like to share with your followers and other Italian influencers?

Alessandro: Yes, I encourage everyone to pursue their dreams and work hard. And I remind Italian influencers that our talent is recognized internationally.


Daniele: Thank you, Alessandro, for sharing your experience. It was a pleasure to hear your perspective, and we can’t wait to see your next steps!